Summary: The backend and database systems of India’s current opposition party- The Indian National Congress have been leaking data of their leaders and volunteers. I looked at some of their websites and here are the results

Let’s go over each website and app in detail. Let’s start with


Recently, Congress launched a new website to enroll 5 lakh social media volunteers.

The website and the initiative were heavily promoted by the media.

Yesterday it came to light that the data collected through this website was not secure. …

Today I will share a security flaw on pagalguy that I discovered last year.

As you may know Pagalguy provides competitive exam aspirants a forum to discuss and ask questions related to exam preparation.

To demonstrate this I have created an account on pagalguy with email id — and the account name on pagalugy is — @passivewriter

So we start by clicking on forgot password option.

The second step is to enter the user id


Automation and data geek. Twitter: @devzoy

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